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Search: Temporary derogations (multilateral special agreements)

According to RID, the competent authorities of the Member States may agree directly among themselves to authorize certain transport operations in their territories by temporary derogation from the requirements of RID. The competent authority which has taken the initiative with respect to the temporary derogation must notify the text of the derogation to the Secretariat of OTIF.

The Secretariat of OTIF publishes here the text of the temporary derogation and the list of Member States that have signed it. Each of the Member States is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.


Number of the agreement

RID 2/2015

Carriage of damaged lithium batteries that are carried in accordance with the conditions approved by the competent authority under special provision 376


RID 1/2015

Carriage of certain wastes containing dangerous goods


RID 5/2012

Carriage of fuel oil, heavy, and fuel oil, residual


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